Exclusive Request to Pay (RtP) Research Report, from Answer Digital

Request to Pay Research – Phase 1

The payments industry has identified a need for a more flexible approach to payments and is currently discussing what shape this might take in the 'Blueprint for the Future of UK Payments' out for public consultation. Organisations offering a flexible "Request to Pay" facility could provide the answer to many customers. Answer Digital conducted a piece of formative research with 200 potential RtP customers to find out what impact a flexible Request to Pay service would have on their behaviour and relationships with organisations.

A sneaky peek at what's inside our report...

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The report covers...

  • Whether age would affect take up rates of RtP
  • How low income families would use RtP
  • How end users would like RtP to be delivered (email, apps, text or something else)
  • How RtP would affect brand loyalty
  • How charities can benefit from RtP


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About the Author...

Responsible for the Finance Sector clients at Answer Digital, Nigel leads projects delivering measurable outcomes for commercial success across a broad range of customers in Wealth Management, Life and Pensions, Insurance and B2B Leasing.