Flagship Northern Tech Company comes of age in its 18th year!

Answer Digital have recently been named by a government research organisation as one of the Top 10 fastest growing companies in public sector technology for their work in the NHS and Healthcare. This however only tells a small piece of the story of Answer Digital, who are also known for their expertise in retail and finance.

Founded just before the turn of the century, Gary and Kate Parlett, set up a software development company which quickly grew to a team of 16 and £1m+ turnover in its first year. It wasn’t all plain sailing as the dotcom bubble burst the following year, an early warning of sudden economic downturns.

Gary and Kate steadily built the company back up again, opening offices in Woking and Coventry in addition to their Leeds based HQ. The 2008 financial crisis put breaks on the company’s growth ambitions, which had again to be scaled back. Now in Answer Digital’s 18th year, things are again looking extremely positive.

The company is still headquartered in Leeds, has recently opened an office in London and is expecting a turnover of £4.5m, a 20% increase on the previous year. Gary has an interesting take on the growth of the company sharing “I’m more interested in the company’s values and reputation for growing talent and the impact that we can create for our clients, rather than just numbers”. He goes on, “we have long since stopped projecting growth targets in anything other than the effectiveness of our customer propositions. We are now much more than just a bunch of great techies, the company is structured to attract ambitious sector expertise to lead in areas of Health, Finance and Retail.

It’s an approach that seems to be working with not only a rapid increase in new customers but also in having already this year attracting 15 new recruits to the Answer team. Gary remains pragmatic but also very optimistic about the future, believing that the combination of sector expertise around its core technical talent will see Answer succeed in the digital age.

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