Ramsden International

How Answer Digital is delivering upto a £12m sales increase for Ramsden International.

Ramsden International – ROCS: An Order Capture Development Case Study

The Brief

Answer Digital were approached by Ramsden International to look at improving their current order capture system. Ramsden International wanted to reduce administrative burden to focus on servicing their customers better and helping them grow. On evaluating ecommerce solutions including Magento and Hybris, it was decided that Answer Digital’s approach to bespoke retail development and experience in B2B systems was the right fit for this project.

The Business

Ramsden International are a wholesale exporter with a complex business model and diverse customer base. They have over 500 customers across 123 countries and a range of over 23,000 SKUs across frozen, ambient and chilled categories.

We provided the following digital expertise

UX Research

UX Design

UX Validation

Front-end Development

Back-end Development


Automated testing

Agile Delivery

The Answer

The proof of concept was delivered within 4 weeks. In week 5 it was being used to service customer accounts. The new ROCS system was delivered in a 4-month time frame. Platform enhancements continue incrementally.

Ramsden International Case Study Ramsden International Case Study 

Ramsden International Case Study Ramsden International Case Study

‘’I started using a bit the new system, it is very nice ! Cool features and so fast, a real pleasure to use :)’’

‘‘I’m now using ROCS and it’s amazing’’

‘‘Yes the website is very good and super-fast when looking for products’’

"I like the bit with the BBE dates. Much easier than the old one which had it off the screen.’’

‘‘I feel so silly for worrying about uploading the spreadsheet to your new website, it was simple!’’

"It’s really good in all honesty’’

The Benefits

  • Quality and accuracy of orders improved.
  • Vastly improved range accessibility for customers.
  • Significant advances in product search speed and accuracy, through introduction of intelligent search tooling.
  • 67% time reduction in internal order line replacement process.

  • Live information on product availability, substitutes and alternatives.
  • Of the ~500 customers 95 have been migrated and are using ROCS, representing 25% migration completion.
  • Average basket size uplift of 307 new SKUs per migrated customer.
  • 29k new SKUs ordered in total across all migrated customers.

  • Average sales uplift of £31k per customer, equivalent to £2.95m in the first 12 months.
  • In completing migration, the platform expected to drive upto £12m increased sales each year.
  • Continued development to build further value ongoing with further efficiencies and revenue increase expected.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about how we delivered upto a £12m sales increase for Ramsden International, or how we can transform your digital offering to achieve successful outcomes for your business then contact our Head of Retail, Richard Ellis, on richard.ellis@answerdigital.com