Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Helping to deliver an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and integrated clinical information systems delivering a single view of patient information across the Trust.

The Brief

In 2010, as part of the Trust’s five year informatics strategy, it embarked on an ambitious plan to replace its Patient Pathway Manager (PPM) cancer patient record, and deliver an overarching electronic patient record (EPR) - known as ppm+

The vision was to create an Integrated EPR which links existing clinical IT systems and gives a single view of patient information across the Trust. The project was to also continue to support future integration with the local health community and wider city region.

The Challenge

  • To improve the quality, frequency and confidence in software releases.
  • To improve the user experience in terms of consistency and usability of the system.
  • To improve performance ensuring that clinicians have instant access to real time patient data records using web technology to enable appropriate access even when outside of the hospital.
  • To develop new and innovative functionality for the EPR system as part of a larger delivery function within the Trust which supports the sharing of patient data for direct clinical care and for use by healthcare clinicians throughout LTHT, the regional trusts and the Leeds Care Record (GP Practices).
  • To improve the process and practices in the software development lifecycle.

The Answer

Utilising the right team, which involved Answer's experienced agile practitioners, working closely as part of a multi-supplier/ in-house team of software developers, the programme's clinical leadership and informatics technical and project experts, to refine and enhance the EPR system (ppm+). This EPR system has brought to life the Trust's vision for a single view of patient information.

This close, collaborative way of working has transformed the way the Trust delivers software to support its patients and clinicians. It has also transformed the roles of senior clinicians who are now an integral part of the delivery team. Answer was also instrumental in the introduction and adoption of proven agile delivery methods within LTHT.

Utilising the right process, Answer delivered:

  • New functionality delivered into the hospital sites every six weeks.
  • Agile toolset (Buildfactory®) to manage the process, together with automated testing.
  • Agile process which allows rapid response to business requirements, high priority needs and hot fixes.
  • Electronic Whiteboard functionality is now available on every inpatient ward.
  • Nurse for Informatics and CNIO.

Using the right technology Answer were involved in the re-architecture of the EPR to:

  • Dramatically increase system performance.
  • Enhance user experience across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Accelerate the development of new functionality.
  • Improve accessibility of patient data throughout LTHT, the regional trusts and the Leeds Care Record (GP Practices and other local health organisations).

Using the right technology Answer has been very involved in developing the functionality to deliver eWhiteboards, an interactive patient view on each ward which replaces the old manual whiteboards.

"The arrival of this new technology and the real time information we can now access, has completely transformed the way we work."


"We now have access to the information we need, instantly and accurately. The e-whiteboards are a fantastic tool to use as part of our day to day nursing work– using mobile technology we can get the information we need to deliver safe care at the bedside."

We provided the following digital expertise

Back-end Development


Automated testing

Agile Delivery