CVL: Contract Vehicle Leasing

From good to great via a relatively low cost digital transformation

Thanks to a new online supplier management system, CVL has doubled business volumes while achieving a 50% reduction in admin headcount. It is now the second largest contract vehicle leasing company in the UK, with more than 20,000 heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) under management.

“I’d recommend Answer heartily! This is a very traditional industry – trucks and logistics. Our agile IT sets us a part and plays a key part in our success. The working process was great and Answer Digital people are really passionate about what they do and excited by the technology."

"They understand our business and get things right first time, 99% of the time. Once customers have seen it, they rarely decide to go elsewhere."

Geoff Swaby, Head of IT, CVL

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Chris Neal

When Answer Digital started working with CVL, the company had around 12,000 HGVs under management. The amount of paperwork generated by these vehicles was huge – each required an average of nine scheduled ‘events’ a year, from services to MOTs.

When unscheduled events were added, like flat tyres and breakdowns, the paperwork was bordering on the unmanageable. The time and effort it took to process this paperwork – and to pay suppliers – was growing as the company expanded.

The Answer

CVL’s head of IT Geoff Swaby approached Answer Digital with an idea for a digital transformation. Working together, Geoff and the Answer team moved CVL’s previously manual paper/fax heavy processes online by providing a supplier portal (called CV Link) and a customer portal (CV Live).

This agile and relatively low cost (circa £80k) project has transformed how CVL operates. It is now the second biggest supplier of haulage vehicles in UK, and is making inroads toward the top spot.

The Benefits

Our senior finance team

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