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We deliver digital transformational outcomes for clients within the following sectors:

Why health clients choose Answer Digital

Answer Digital Health exists to solve the burning questions surrounding the transformation of Health and Social Care, combining a deep understanding in how health organisations actually work with enterprise-scale digital expertise to deliver an outcome that improves patient care and wellbeing.

We do this by successfully embedding our user experience and development expertise into an agile delivery model known as TIDE (Transformation Integrated Digital Engineering), which is aligned to the GDS delivery model.

“The arrival of this new technology and the real time information we can now access, has completely transformed the way we work. The arrival of this new technology and the real time information we can now access, has completely transformed the way we work.”
Jo Dickson, Leeds Teaching Hospital’s Lead Nurse for Informatics and CNIO

Our Digital Health Expertise

Health care is notoriously complicated with interconnected systems, processes and people. We have been working with many clients up and down the country to support their local digital roadmaps, primarily the interoperability of IT systems to enable seamless care delivery across traditional organisational boundaries.

We have worked with many different types of health and care organisations, whether it be working with NHS Digital on a national scale to demonstrate the possibilities and capabilities of the GP Connect programme, developing the Leeds Care Record and Ripple Open-Source platform on a regional scale, or with individual local trusts like Central Manchester University Hospital and Leicestershire Partnership Trust.

Public organisations have depended on large vendors for expensive and sometimes unsuitable software. But a new, collaborative approach to digital transformation is pioneering a different way. Open Standards, OpenAPIs and Open Source Solutions are beginning to unlock huge freedoms, the potential for re-use and additional value for money. One example of this is the Ripple not-for-profit foundation (http://rippleosi.org) set up to demonstrate the potential of open source.

As a digital transformation partner, we have recently been commissioned by NHS Digital to provide Architecture, Development and Governance services to deliver a demonstration platform for the GP Connect programme. This Platform has been developed using open source tools and published as an open source initiative by NHS Digital with the aim of validating new OpenAPis, accelerating development efforts by 3rd party clinical system suppliers and creating an efficient automated testing suite to support the national assurance processes.

We work on a regional level to provide digital outcomes aligned to creating integrated digital care records that allow frontline staff access to the most up-to-date and joined up care information.

We have recently worked with South Tyneside NHS Trust to demonstrate the value of a Health and Social Care Information Exchange based on an open integration platform, using the Ripple OSI where we used our extensive enterprise architecture experience to insure the integrity, scalability and maintainability of the Ripple platform. Code Custodianship is essential practice for a scalable, robust open source initiative that aims to gain adoption across the World.

The health industry can’t afford to stand still as patients and clinicians expect to access health care information through channels of their choice. Positive disruption encourages innovative, high-impact and open digital solutions that improve patient outcomes.

As an example, we are working with clients to digitally enable local NHS Hospitals (such as Central Manchester University Hospital) and Trusts (such as Leicestershire Partnership) to improve patient healthcare.

We have an ongoing collaborative engagement with Kings College Hospital, a leading NHS Foundation Trust with a world-class reputation for excellence, design and implementing Open Source Solutions, passing the rigorous NHS Digital assurance processes.

Customer centric
Everything we do revolves around the customer.
Outcome driven
Whether you need to achieve operational efficiency, improve digital services or understand your patients better.
Digital engineers
We are technologists and will apply the right tools to achieve the outcome.

Our senior health team

Read about Andy
Andy is Answer Health’s Managing Principal and leads the digital healthcare sector. Before joining the company in 2015, Andy worked in the NHS for 15 years in strategy and management roles across General Practice, Regional Primary Care, the National Programme for IT and NHS England.
Read about Rich
Rich is Answer Health's principal architect and leads the digital healthcare sector. He’s worked in healthcare IT for more than ten years and was most recently the technical architect of a bespoke EPR for one of the UK’s largest hospital trusts.

Delivering outcomes, not outputs

For the last 17 years we have specialised in offering the following digital services within the Retail, Finance and Health sectors:
Bespoke Software Development
Digital Engineering and Transformation
UX Research, Design & Validation
Architectural Assessment & Roadmapping

Agile Expertise
Integration Specialists
Responsive Design
Project & Programme management

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