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CVL: Contract Vehicle Leasing

From good to great via a relatively low cost digital transformation

Thanks to a new online supplier management system, CVL has doubled business volumes while achieving a 50% reduction in admin headcount.

It is now the second largest contract vehicle leasing company in the UK, with more than 20,000 heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) under management.


The Challenge

  • When Answer Digital started working with CVL, the company had around 12,000 HGVs under management.
  • The amount of paperwork generated by these vehicles was huge – each required an average of nine scheduled ‘events’ a year, from services to MOTs.
  • When unscheduled events were added, like flat tyres and breakdowns, the paperwork was bordering on the unmanageable.
  • The time and effort it took to process this paperwork – and to pay suppliers – was growing as the company expanded.

The Answer

CVL’s head of IT Geoff Swaby approached Answer Digital with an idea for a digital transformation. Working together, Geoff and the Answer team moved CVL’s previously manual paper/fax heavy processes online by providing a supplier portal (called CV Link) and a customer portal (CV Live).


The Benefits